Treasury and Risk Management (TRM)

LAZAR offers SAP's solution for Treasury and Risk Management which is a comprehensive set of functions for managing your financial transactions and risk.

By using SAP Treasury and Risk Management you can:

  • Support financial deals and position management - from trading and back office processing to data transfer to financial accounting
  • Automate and streamline the financial processes enterprise wide
  • Calculate mark-to-market values as well as many other key figures such as value-at-risk
  • Measure and manage your foreign exchange and interest rate exposures
  • Control credit and settlement risk
  • Provide flexible reporting and evaluation for analyzing financial transactions, positions, and portfolios

With SAP Treasury and Risk Management you get straight through processing for all conventional types of instruments within investment, debt, and foreign exchange management. And it is integrated with the cash and liquidity management functions, all of which are part of mySAP Financials. This means you can base your trading decisions on data gained from current global liquidity and risk analyses that include cash flows from your company's operational business. Furthermore, investment, debt, and foreign exchange management capabilities support compliance with the latest regulations and accounting standards, such as FAS133.