Defense Forces & Public Security

Defense Forces & Public Security - Strategic asset to all leadership levels providing all levels of the military the information tools and business processes required to achieve information superiority.

Increased readiness and resource visibility, ability to operate anytime anywhere, decrease tooth to tail ratio and collaborate between defense forces, government and Homeland Security agencies as well as the military industrial complex as well as integrating all processes from Command Management, administration, personnel and logistics with the budget. Various Defense Forces have utilized LAZAR to service SAP projects to cover all their main business processes across all services & organizations.

Defense Forces And Public Security

Greater attention is being paid to the laws regulating the sale of goods to foreigners. The number of names on the "denied parties" lists has grown significantly since September 11. Even before September 11, US Congress was considering dramatic increases in the fines and penalties for companies that fail to check these lists or ignore the regulations requiring an export license for controlled goods. If a U.S. company is found to be non-compliant, its goods can be delayed, seized, or it can be fined and have its export privileges revoked. For a multinational, these consequences, as well as the loss of reputation, can be financially disastrous.

LAZAR provides services and technology which enables businesses with denied party screening and license detection applications. More than ever, businesses need to know who their customers are and how their product will be used. It’s a matter of national security.

LAZAR services include:

  • Support for logistic and administrative processes
  • Support for discrete de-centralized systems
  • Enhancements to Flexible Organization
  • Force Element
  • Readiness and availability of Forces
  • Defense Mobile Applications
    • Materials Management
    • Maintenance
    • Organization
    • Personnel
  • Line Maintenance for Military Aircraft
  • Connectivity to NATO LOGFAS
  • Alignment with SAP NetWeaver

LAZAR Defense Forces & Public Security Value Chain

'Public Security' Stakeholders, First Responders ... Assess Prevent Prepare Respond Resolve Rebuild National EcoSystem, Citizens ...
Protection and Preparation
Developing Actionable Intelligence
Border Protection and Immigration Control
Critical Infrastructure and Key Asset Protection
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Task Force Management
Task Force Employment
Task Force Administration
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Program Management
Grants Management for Grantor
Grants Management for Grantee
Customs Operations
Customs and Border Management
Investigative Case Management
Identity Management and Resolution
Investigation Processing
Investigation Administration and Support
HI Quality Clearance Center (by Human Inference)
Operations Support
Risk Management
Organizational Management
Operations and Resource Management
GIS Enablement for Public Security (by ESRI)
Finance, Administration and Logistics Management
Self Services Strategic Enterprise Management Financial Analytics Operations Analytics Workforce Analytics
Financial Supply Chain Management Treasury Financial Accounting Management Accounting Corporate Governance
Public Security Logisticst
Human Capital Management
Talent Management Workforce Process Management Workforce Deployment
Corporate Services
Travel Management Environment, Health, and Safety Compliance Management Incentive and Commission Management Real Estate Management
Operations Support
Life-Cycle Data Management Project and Portfolio Management Quality Management Enterprise Asset Management Indirect Procurement Global Trade Services Global Trade Management
'Public Security' Stakeholders, First Responders ... Assess Prevent Prepare Respond Resolve Rebuild National EcoSystem, Citizens ...