Merchandising and supply chain solution from LAZAR and SAP

Are your systems stocking Florida stores with turtlenecks in May and Alaska stores with bikes in December? Base your decisions on near real-time visibility into consumer demand and market conditions to optimize your inventory levels. Merchandising and supply chain solutions from LAZAR and SAP can help you predict and respond to market changes.

LAZAR Systems solution for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator

LAZAR Systems solution for BW accelerator from SAP is an easy-to-deploy, prepackaged solution for near real-time analytics. This solution can help you access and analyze large volumes of business data, providing quicker access to management information for better day-to-day tactical and strategic business decisions.

Business intelligence for retail from LAZAR

Are you using all your data to support decisions across your business? With a data warehouse solution optimized for retailers, you can integrate data collected from stores and warehouses. Help ensure everyone involved in a project is working from the same, up-to-date, accurate information—regardless of their location.

Carbon management solution from LAZAR and Oracle

Energy costs can consume 30 to 40% of your operational budget—and these costs are projected to double over the next 5 years. Proactively addressing carbon management now can help you achieve compliance before mandates, develop a competitive advantage, strengthen your brand image and attain a high caliber workforce.

Digital content management for retail from LAZAR

How do producers, editors and managers access your content? Is your fragile, original content preserved in a format that lasts for years? Do you ever lose assets and have to spend valuable resources re-creating them? How effective is your process to manage rich media objects?

Kiosk business solution for retail

Today's consumers shop for what they want, whenever and wherever they want. They demand access to rich content and information. Consistent, high-quality service and product availability. The kiosk business solution can deliver a rich, compelling interactive experience directly to customers virtually anywhere.

Loss Prevention for Retail

How do you currently manage daily security incidents, unplanned disasters and shrinkage problems? What processes have you implemented to prepare for these situations? LAZAR can help you answer these questions with a fully automated video asset management and monitoring solution for rapid access and retrieval of video content.

Mobile POS solutions from LAZAR

Retail businesses must adopt a wide range of applications for the store to improve operations, better serve customers and stay competitive. Mobile POS solutions from LAZAR can help increase customer satisfaction. Quicken and increase the effectiveness of the checkout process. Increase customer interaction with employees.

Point-of-sale solution from LAZAR

Retailers face a host of challenges: Throughput, customer service and employee training to name a few. Whether you are a department, grocery, food service, convenience or specialty establishment, we offer the right POS solution to help you improve customer loyalty, maximize business opportunities, compete more effectively.

Store connectivity solution from LAZAR and Cisco

The store connectivity solution from LAZAR and Cisco can help retailers gain access to systems, applications and information across the company. From radio frequency identification (RFID)-based inventory management to in-store broadcasting and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, we can help your business thrive.

Store mobility for retail from LAZAR and Cisco

Through the efficient utilization and delivery of data you can connect people, places and information. Self-service kiosk, self check out and personal shopping assistant enable shoppers to help themselves. Now customers can obtain and use loyalty cards, find help sooner or locate and order products faster.

Wireless e-commerce from LAZAR

Now you can identify, acquire and retain your most valuable customers directly, by targeting messages and offerings to them, wherever they are.

LAZAR Retail Value Chain

Vendor Planning Merchandising Buying Distribution Sales Customer
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Merchandise Lifecycle
Demand Forecasting
Merchandise, Assortment & Space Planning and Opt.
Item Management
Retail Price Management
Promotion Management
Markdown Management
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smap2-arrow-start.gif smap2-arrow-body2.gif
Supply Chain Management
Vendor Relationship Management
Operational Buying
Global Import/Export Management
Replenishment and Inventory Opt.
Multi Channel Order Fulfillment
Chain Wide Inventory Management
Warehouse and DC Management
Transportation Management
Supply Chain Visibility and Tracking
Store & Multi Channel
Store Operations
Catalog Management & e-Commerce
Call Center
Multi Channel Customer Service
Multi Channel Customer Loyalty
Enterprise Management & Support
Master Data Management
Global Data Synchronisation Initial Load Consolidation Content Management Distribution
Financial Analytics Operations Analytics Workforce Analytics
Financial Supply Chain Management Treasury Financial Accounting Management Accounting Corporate Governance
Human Capital Management
Talent Management Workforce Process Management Workforce Deployment
Corporate Services
Travel Management Incentive and Commission Management
Operations Support
Life-Cycle Data Management Project and Portfolio Management Quality Management Enterprise Asset Management Indirect Procurement Global Trade Services Global Trade Management
Vendor Planning Merchandising Buying Distribution Sales Customer