Aerospace and Defense


LAZAR for Aerospace & Defense industry portfolio addresses the business and needs of defense contractors. LAZAR services the industry portfolio for global corporations such as DaimlerChrysler, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman, as well as the military forces.

LAZAR offers Aerospace & Defense solution from SAP that better supports defense and security issues. In fact, two large Strategic Development Projects (SDPs) are currently underway: one with the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for government procurement, and the other with the German military (Bundeswehr), for the planning and support of deployed operations.

Aerospace supplier collaboration
Process control and data management are crucial in the delivery of aerospace work packages to meet cost, time and quality targets. Aerospace supplier collaboration from LAZAR, a strategic PLM platform, aims to give companies more control over data and process by reducing product development cycle times and work package risk.

Business integration solution
Business integration can help unify process, exchange information, connect applications and bridge the divide between your product development and production pipelines by integrating PLM and ERP systems. Respond to marketplace demands with a solution designed for mid-sized manufacturers.

Business intelligence solution from LAZAR and SAP
Timely access to information is critical. But as data sources multiply, the ability to effectively make use of it can diminish. LAZAR and SAP can help boost decision making by transforming disparate data into practical, real-time information.

Enterprise integration solution
By integrating your product lifecycle management data and processes with other applications in the enterprise, you can provide easier access to consistent data from product development to manufacturing and after sales.

Enterprise resource planning solution from LAZAR and SAP
Are you prepared for escalated customer expectations and increased industry complexity? LAZAR and SAP can help you avoid concerns of lower profit margins and higher employee churn. Regain control of your enterprise, increasing efficiency and profitability.

Extended asset management solution from LAZAR
The financial state of airlines is forcing manufacturers to focus on lowering costs internally and total cost of ownership for customers. Improving quality and reliability of parts. Increasing supplier accountability. LAZAR can help you succeed by instituting extended asset management capabilities across your supply chain.

LAZAR financial management expertise
As the role of finance continues to evolve, we help CFOs and finance organizations address new challenges and drive enterprise-wide profit improvement and shareholder value. Find out how you can more effectively manage complexity, balance risk and drive profitable growth.

LAZAR Product Data Management
The LAZAR Product Data Management solution helps global enterprises bring together people, processes, content and systems to achieve competitive advantage. Streamline product development, while complying with regulatory requirements, by putting real-time process and data management in the hands of those who need it.

LAZAR Service Lifecycle Management for Aerospace and Defense Industries
Increase aircraft availability. Reduce operations and support costs. Improve technician productivity and job satisfaction. Be proactive about material management, maintenance planning, execution and customer relationships with help from LAZAR.

LAZAR solutions and services for security and privacy
Our goal is to deliver to our clients the services and solutions necessary to build trusted electronic relationships among their customers, employees, business and trading partners and shareholders. Our solutions are among the most comprehensive in the security services marketplace.

PLM supply chain collaboration solution
PLM supply chain collaboration delivers the process enablement and technology required to support globally distributed product design and development from manufacturing to distribution. Our flexible solution addresses the needs of design and development within complex and evolving supply chains.

Procurement for aerospace and defense from LAZAR
Aerospace and defense companies have to reduce procured goods and services costs and increase procurement efficiency. Partner with LAZAR to generate visible benefits in your purchasing practices that can improve your operating efficiency and bottom line.

Program and performance management from LAZAR
Transform data into vital information, accessible to users in real time. Link information directly to actions and make program data into comprehensive analytical reporting. Enable intelligent decisions for performance improvements across the program.

SCM for aerospace and defense from LAZAR
Your business is only as strong as your supply chain. New application and technology tools can help you better manage the production of decades old products while innovating new developments. LAZAR incorporates lean processes to help enable you to bring down costs while increasing manufacturing capabilities.

Gain a view of your entire business operations from product development to manufacturing to service after the sale with consistent data, regardless of where it resides. The flexibility of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) can help you extend the value of PLM from engineering to your core business processes.

Supplier relationship management from LAZAR and SAP
Intelligently and flexibly manage procurement operations. LAZAR and SAP offer fresh ideas to unlock business value and promote sustainable financial advantage. By streamlining communication processes you can make more informed, timely decisions and cost-effectively execute supply management, sourcing and procurement.

Supply chain management solution from LAZAR and SAP
Need more effective ways to streamline your manufacturing and supply chain without losing touch with your vendors, suppliers and customers? LAZAR and SAP can help you plan, execute and coordinate enterprise-wide, in real time, throughout your supply chain.

LAZAR Aerospace and Defense Value Chain

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