The Insurance Solution Map describes LAZAR core business capabilities.

Increasing competition, greater regulatory scrutiny, emerging market opportunities and shifting demographics have created an unprecedented need for insurers to concentrate on core competencies, to operate efficiently, and to react quickly to market changes. Insurers can choose to ignore these issues and operate in a business-as-usual fashion. Or they can embrace the global digital infrastructure, the rise of open standards, the high-quality technical and services skills available in emerging markets and LAZAR's unmatched global sourcing capabilities to transform their operating models and drive improvement in performance measures.

LAZAR's global capabilities, technical expertise and deep insurance industry knowledge can help you achieve measurable performance improvements for your company through our business performance transformation solution. We can help you understand your business, component by component, and implement a disciplined solution that leverages your strengths in the marketplace. Our innovative use of using virtual real-time analytics, deep computing, and data management can help you understand your customers as never before. And our global sourcing abilities can help you service those customers better and more cost-effectively. In short, LAZAR can help you not just weather the changes facing the insurance marketplace today, but to take advantage of them.

Changes in technology and its use in business have opened up new possibilities for LAZAR to help insures: reduce fixed costs, optimize business processes, respond more quickly to market opportunities, regulatory changes and competitive threats, increase your focus on core business, and forecast through data integration and predictive tools.

LAZAR Core expertise includes the following:

  • Financial analytics enable you to define financial targets, develop a realistic business plan, and monitor costs and revenue during execution. These tools let you create and simulate value flows in a cross-functional, cross-company, or collaborative environment.
  • Operational analytics enable you to compile detailed operations reports and support informed operational decision making. The application also includes integrated planning functionality that lets you generate a complete picture across the entire supply chain, including the impact of sales on operations. You can analyze and optimize travel spend, track partner performance, and ensure environmental compliance.
  • Workforce analytics support human capital management policy development and decision making. You can analyze workforce data; design, implement, and monitor corporate strategies to optimize the workforce; and continuously evaluate how various courses of action might affect business outcomes.

LAZAR Insurance Value Chain

Customer, Partner and Market Market Research & Product Definition Market Development & Distribution Underwriting Account Maintenance & Customer Care Claims & Benefits Investment & Risk Management Capital Market & Reinsurance
Product Management
Market Research and Product Ideas
Product Development and Implementation
Product Lifecycle Management
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Sales Planning and Controlling
Sales Force Management
Customer Analysis and Marketing
Acquisition and Application Creation
smap2-arrow-start.gif smap2-arrow-body2.gif
Policy Administration
Application Processing and Policy Issuance
Mid-Term Policy Changes
Policy Maintenance
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Claims Handling and Fulfillment
Claims Recovery
Reinsurance Procurement
Reinsurance Lifecycle Management
Reinsurance Management for Active Reinsurers
Financial Asset Management
Asset Allocation
Portfolio Management
Portfolio Accounting
Portfolio Controlling
Statutory Reporting
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Insurance Business Services
Customer Billing and Payment
Business Partner Management
Enterprise Management & Support
Financial Analytics Operations Analytics Workforce Analytics
Financial Supply Chain Management Treasury Financial Accounting Management Accounting Corporate Governance
Human Capital Management
Talent Management Workforce Process Management Workforce Deployment
Corporate Services
Travel Management Real Estate Management
Operations Support
Life-Cycle Data Management Project and Portfolio Management Quality Management Enterprise Asset Management Indirect Procurement Global Trade Services Global Trade Management
Customer, Partner and Market Market Research & Product Definition Market Development & Distribution Underwriting Account Maintenance & Customer Care Claims & Benefits Investment & Risk Management Capital Market & Reinsurance