Mining itself is a very complex process that covers various commodity-producing functions requiring massive equipment and extensive capital investments. Because of this, capital asset productivity and economies of scale are key factors in how mining executives make decisions. Therefore LAZAR offers the solution developed by SAP, “SAP for Mining”.

SAP developed “SAP for Mining” in collaboration with a range of global mining companies to ensure it meets the demanding needs of this specialized industry. Companies using SAP for Mining gain greater customer orientation, stronger supply chain partnerships, improved decision-making capabilities, higher-quality output, enhanced organizational flexibility, lower costs, higher profitability, and improved global competitiveness.

LAZAR service scenarios overview:

  • Production Scheduling
  • Capacity Planning
  • Product Costing
  • Run Of Mine Production
  • Bulk Transportation
  • Stockpile Blending
  • Blending For Issue
  • Concentrate Production
  • Product Sales
  • End Of Period Physicals
  • Period End Co-Products

LAZAR Mining Value Chain

Suppliers & Contractors Capital Project Management Mining Processing Transportation Marketing Customers & Service Providers
Business Planning & Compliance
Governance Risk & Compliance, Corporate Social Responsibility
Strategic Portfolio Management
Budgeting & Forecasting
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Supply Chain Management
Demand Planning
Supply Network Balancing
Transportation Management
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Commodity Sales Contract Management
Quality Management & Assay Handling
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Operations Management
Mine Planning &Scheduling
Production Performance Management
Quality Assurance & Stockpile Management
Reconciliation & Metal Statement
Operators Training & Knowledge Management
Operational Compliance
Occupational Health, Safety & Incident/Accident Management
Emissions Management
Enterprise Asset Management
Capital Investment Management & Decommissioning
Maintenance Cost Budgeting
Preventive & Corrective Maintenance Management
Rotables & Warranty Management
Reliability Centered Maintenance Optimization
Supply Management
MRO & Service Procurement
Strategic Sourcing
Remote Site Logistics
Enterprise Management & Support
Financial Analytics Operations Analytics Workforce Analytics
Financial Supply Chain Management Treasury Financial Accounting Management Accounting Corporate Governance
Human Capital Management
Talent Management Workforce Process Management Workforce Deployment
Corporate Services
Travel Management Environment, Health, and Safety Compliance Management Incentive and Commission Management Real Estate Management Project and Portfolio Management Global Trade Services
Suppliers & Contractors Capital Project Management Mining Processing Transportation Marketing Customers & Service Providers