Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

LAZAR offers SAP’s Billing Consolidation solution as an open platform for the exchange and processing of electronic documents, which includs digitally signed electronic invoices (EBPP, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment). The system is designed for BPO service providers to build up large business partner networks, offering archiving services, electronic signature services, verifying electronic signatures, data conversion services and various communication protocols.


Your benefits are:

  • Accelerated, more efficient processing of payments and exceptions
  • Improved customer relationships via improved self-service
  • Faster, more seamless reconciliation and integration of multiple internal and third-party financial applications

LAZAR services enable companies with:

  • Enables seamless communication of financial transactions of a company with its house banks over the SWIFT network.
  • Provides full payment flow transparency and enables good control of payment transactions Target market: any company that initiates payments and receives electronic bank statements from its house banks – especially if they rely on many different house banks.
  • Easy-to-use enterprise services to pay invoices at external cash desks in a connected or disconnected mode with regard to the back-end system for contract accounts receivable and payable (FI-CA)
  • Enables electronic bill presentment and payment services for billers and authorization and settlement capabilities for communication with credit card processors.