Data and Records Management


SAP Document & Records Management is the SAP Solution that enables quick access to the information required for successful transaction processing. The content managed with records management technology includes both transactional or application data (structured data) and the unstructured content in related documents. Managed documents can include scanned documents, document information records, faxes, e-mails, or Microsoft Office documents. Records management technology is the foundation for various solutions like e.g. public sector records management, case management in SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), and SAP Dispute Management.

Data Conversion

LAZAR understands that customer sees data conversion as one of the most pertinent and difficult task in during the project. LAZAR can provide references and assurances where every SAP implementation goes through a data conversion phase before loading records into SAP. Data conversion is a very common process for any SAP Implementation and SAP has numerous tools such as its own LSMW (Legacy System Management Workbench) that converts legacy data according to technical specification into accepted format. The same can be done by using formulas in MS Excel by utilizing VB code. Typical SAP implementation has to convert hundreds of billions of records for each data set before it can be loaded into SAP. LAZAR has many years implementing SAP products where data conversion is one of the activities. LAZAR has structured special data-conversion team in order to support such a projects.