Collection and Disbursement

LAZAR service for Collections Management will provide comprehensive functions for processing customers and for collecting due receivables that are especially suited to the requirements of the tax authorities. You can use this Business Function to process large amounts of data in environments where manual processing is not suitable. You also have functions for processing open tax receivables and functions which you can use to ensure the submission of missing tax returns. 1_1.gif

You can do the following with this Business Function:

  • Dun receivables in Collections Management in accordance with flexible collection strategies and create, manage, and work through collection work items
  • Monitor dates by which the taxpayer must submit a tax return with the help of inbound correspondence requests in the system.
  • Put together balance variants for the account balance display in Customizing extract business partner items and dunning histories in SAP NetWeaver – Business Intelligence
  • Connect external cash desks
  • Send data to external systems using information containers
  • Update the creditworthiness of a business partner on creation of an installment plan
  • Display information such as the last payment of a customer in SAP CRM Financial Customer Care Interaction Center
  • Post back an incorrectly assigned on account payment to the clarification account with the clarification processing the payment lot
  • Consider posting limit in payment run
  • Create and evaluate promise to pay