Discrete Industries and Mill Products

LAZAR offers services for Discrete Industries and Mill Products companies in the metal, wood, paper, textiles, cable and ...


Analytics and trading, Clearing, settlement and depositories, Corporate actions solution, Data and process models, Governance and compliance...


Public Sector organizations receive and handle money that they receive from citizens. Democratic tradition empowers these organizations to do so in exchange for close control of all financial processes...

Healthcare and Ambulatory Care Management

Health care in the United States is provided by many separate legal entities. More is spent on health care in the United States on a per capita basis than in any other nation in the world...

Credit Management (FIN-FSCM-CR)

Using effective credit management, companies can reduce the balance of arrears (Days Sales Outstanding) and prevent the possibility of non-payment for a delivery that has already been made...

Data and Records Management

SAP Document & Records Management is the SAP Solution that enables quick access to the information required for successful transaction processing...

Data Archiving

LAZAR provides the infrastructure to make document based information available anywhere and at the right time...

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

LAZAR offers SAP’s Billing Consolidation solution as an open platform for the exchange and processing of electronic documents, which includs digitally signed electronic invoices (EBPP, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment)...

Hosting and Managed Services

You’ve implemented SAP and now you are faced with how you will deliver it. Should you use your own staff or should you look at a hosted model? Many mid-market customers struggle with this question every day. Keeping the functional and technical support internal can be costly and may not allow you to achieve the full value spectrum of your SAP implementation. Let LAZAR take away the pain of hiring, managing and training costly SAP resources.


What is SAP HANA?

Accelerate the pace of innovation with SAP HANA – an in-memory platform that runs analytics applications smarter, business processes faster, and data infrastructures simpler. SAP HANA is the foundation for all your data needs, removing the burden of maintaining separated legacy systems and siloed data, so you can run simple in this new digital economy.

➤ Accelerate Database Processing
Process transactions and analytics against a single copy of data in-memory for real-time insight

➤ Deliver More Intelligence
Use advanced analytical processing for deeper insight into the past, present, and future

➤ Create Next-Generation Applications
Design and deploy intuitive applications to deliver the right information at the right time to business users

➤ Integrate All Types of Data
Access large volumes of data from a variety of sources to unlock insights never seen before

➤ Simplify Your IT Environment
Reduce complexity with an unified, yet open, platform on premise or in the cloud

We can help you re-engenier your business processes:

RTR : Record to Report
Record to report or R2R is the management process for providing strategic, financial and operational feedback to understand how a business is performing. It covers the steps involved in preparing and reporting the overall accounts which are typically stored in a general or nominal ledger and managed by a Comptroller.

OTC : Order to Cash
Order-to-Cash is an integration point between Finance (FI) and Sales (SD). It is a business process that involves sales order from customers to delivery and invoice.

PTP : Procure to Pay

SAP Remote Support

When a customer calls for assistance they have a 65% chance of receiving an answer to their problem during the first contact with support...

Staff Augmentation

What are a few of the challenges that many global organizations are facing when it comes to IT talent? A constant struggle to retain and train application experts and a lack of required skills when and where they are needed...