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Are your organizational habits killing your Digital Transformation program?

The percentage of U.S. workers whom Gallup reports are "not engaged" is 49.5% -- and 16.5% are actually "actively disengaged." This level of disengagement costs organizations not just in turnover costs, but also through toxic work environments, employee theft and accidents, and customer service deficiencies. (data from 2016)

Poor employee interactions and organizational habits are number one issue that major programs such as Digital Transformation are facing today.

Take the Quiz from our assessment workshop and see how you do:

1. Does your management practice daily stand up meetings(huddles)? A daily huddle brings together everyone in a department or even a small business to get things quickly and accurately communicated. A five- to 10-minute stand-up daily meeting gets everyone focused on the most important issues and cuts down on telephone tag and other time wasters.

2. Does your company have weekly messages from the leadership? On a weekly basis, the top leader of the organization issues an email, voicemail, or video message to everyone. It's a platform for them to explain the current priorities and to make a personal connection with employees by sharing what's on their mind.

3. Does your organization regularly uses Digital Forums, chats to collect feedback and insight from the employees back to the management? Communication must flow in multiple directions, not just from the top down, so organizations set up employee forums such as ongoing digital bulletin boards.

4. Do your employees connect with your customers? Engaged companies directly link employees and customers.

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